All programs of quantum medicine, which treat various conditions, loads, infections, etc., practically influence the strengthening of immunity, i.e. increase the body’s resistance to various factors from the external environment, but there are also programs that relate exactly to improving the function of certain parts of the immune system.
In short, with the help of quantum medicine, all colds, conditions and injuries pass faster and easier.

Certified doctors

Doctors with experience in all fields of medicine, especially neurosurgery, neurology, are maximally dedicated to the patient and are constantly improving their knowledge.


The testing is carried out using the most modern German Regumed device in a completely painless way, using the phenomenon of resonance, which provides a large number of data that cannot be obtained in any laboratory of classical medicine because they do not recognise them for now.

Quick and painless therapy

The entire examination and therapy are without unwanted effects and harmful consequences for both the patient and the environment and are in accordance with nature and its laws, encouraging the body to self-heal.