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mr sci Ivanka Đuričić

I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade with an average grade of 9.11. After that, I completed a 6-year specialisation in neurosurgery.

After completing my specialisation, I founded the department of neurosurgery in Užice, where I worked for 10 years with constant readiness and helped most difficult and urgent patients. My further work was on the Gamma Knife in the clinical centre in Belgrade, and then on the Gamma Knife in Prague.

After twenty years of work experience with the most difficult patients and after a personal encounter with the disease (coxsackie virus), being interested in physics, especially quantum physics, and aware of the inability of classical medicine to recognise and treat certain problems, I decide to work in this branch of medicine. Quantum medicine deals not only with the most important issues of health and disease, but in general it has significance in all the areas of life and represents, one could say, its essence, because it searches for real causes, instead of only treating consequences.

After just a few days, I started noticing how my body starts waking up and functioning as if some mechanism that was at a standstill had started. To say that I was amazed and delighted is an understatement.

Katarina J.Belgrade

Quantum therapy and Dr. Đuričić gave me a quality life, as I would say "now I'm breathing fully". I continue regularly with quantum therapy, because I really like it! Recommended from the depth of my heart!

Marija ZlatkovićIvanjica

It is an understatement to say that I am very satisfied and I would highly recommend treatment with quantum therapy and Dr. Ivanka Đuričić to anyone who has my problem or any other. You will not regret it, you will throw away all the medicines, bring your body into balance completely, but you must strictly adhere to everything that Dr. Ivanka tells you.

Zorana RosićUžice